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by MACROSS 82-99

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Belong 02:24
Always on the grind, I don't even skate Mental sharper than Saber I ain't into Fate But regardless I still stay Through the Night and the bright hours of the day) x2 New joint but I'll always be the satin wizard Basking in the heat like lizard Even though my flows a blizzard Come "overwatch" a master in his natural habitat "It's high noon", time to deal out flaming bullets from the gat Coming at you from every side like Linkin Park So even if you're a "challenger" you can't dodge that Android and Night Tempo in the mini chat And with Moe I Shop permanently like a tat Folk in my inbox trynna get collabs Cuz my numbers looking strong, Yeah they're getting abs Others lost in the city, they trynna hail the cabs Man life is just a bunch of concrete slabs But I smash through em all as I ride my bike Through the streets with a minty fresh p-sych And look where I am now, at the Tour de France Finish line cuz I prayed and I took a chance (Always on the grind, I don't even skate Mental sharper than Saber I ain't into Fate But regardless I still stay Through the Night and the bright hours of the day) x2 Macross and Lé Real, yeah we back at it Cuz I know you all been fiendin like a crack addict Toolbox with your name on it; here's your fix Prism Lite proclaimed this as the best track of 20,1,six Seat belts on Yeah it all clicks When I'm driving to the type of music from the 80s flicks I be going harder than a mansion made of bricks So these big bad wolfs cant knock me down I don't even know most of the rappers y'all mention Cuz if it ain't about the real then I don't pay attention I can't focus on the fake, it's just too blurry Imma readjust the TV picture in a hurry Waterfall flow So thirst quenching I rise above the rabble Tightly clenching Papers labeled "truth" And a Nikon Ain't nobody wanna hear it till I turned the mic on
午前0時 渋滞なう まだ? 返信は停滞なう 君の横顔ふっと思い出す この胸がきゅっと痛くなる 渋谷の街は夜更かしで 人波がキラキラ瞬いて ざわざわ ざわめいて ふわふわ よそいきで おくれて君がきて 私に手を差し出す 触れてしまったら 始まるよ   いい? ああダンスフロアで ふたり ねえ音と光のなかで これからどうなっちゃうか 神様もきっと ちゃんとは解ってないよ こころを重ねて……  シンセサイズしたい ああ夜明けまで ふたり ねえ音と光のなかで これからどうなっちゃうの? わたしもきっと ちゃんとは解ってないけど こころが重なって…… シンセサイズするの
Feeling kinda lonely Tryna shake this emptiness Am I stronger Cuz I ain't feeling better yet And if I try to Stay away from you Will u care that I'm hurting too Cuz I miss u Yeah I miss u Close my eyes Feel ur light inside of me Now all I need is for my heart to believe Love is never what it seems to be Close my heart And I'll never love again Now all I need is for my heart to pretend Love is better when it's near the end
ダンス ! 02:05
Verse 1 See the world is in your hands And you don’t need to pretend That you fit fine in this I’m gonna take you on a trip Somewhere where the sea is clear Where the sun burns your skin Feel the wind inside your hair And take a deep breath Smell the sand Embrace the mess Pre-chorus 何でも,何でも,できるからのに 何度も,何度も,花見の踊り 見せたい! Chorus 心中にわかりますか? 私の気持ちを聞こえたますか? I just need tenderness あなたのところはどこにありますか 私の場所にある日くるのか I just see emptiness どうしてあなたに全部あげたいよ Verse 2 Feel the sea upon your face And make your own way See it shines As it’s your quest Pre-chorus 何でも,何でも,できるからのに 何度も,何度も,花見の踊り 見せたい!
Jutsu 02:26
Have Hope 02:35


released February 17, 2017


all rights reserved



MACROSS 82-99 Japan

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